“Morning Mist” – Photo by Barb Irvine

In November, Don Gall led a three-part adult education program on “Native Americans and the Christian Church.” The participants met for a fourth session to discuss possible responses. Then a small group of nine church members met again, forming a working group to carry the questions raised by this study forward into our ongoing congregational life.

This working group is just beginning to take shape. At this point, it doesn’t have a set name nor a clear agenda. We’ve discussed the possibility of the congregation adopting a land acknowledgment statement, though we are clear that such a statement would be an empty gesture unless accompanied by meaningful action. We recognize the importance of forming and sustaining relationships with our Indigenousneighbors in western Oregon as we discern a path forward to tell the truth about how white settlers came to be in these south Willamette Valley landscapes, how we might help make amends for the harm done to Indigenous peoples, and how all of us might thrive together in the future.

Nancy Menning is serving as the chair for this working group. She invites your questions, suggestions, encouragement, and participation (at any level) as this working group finds its feet. Contact the office for Nancy’s email address.