Online Giving

Giving online is easy. Just click on Donate to go to a secure website where you can make choices on how and where your money goes.

Estimate of Giving Card

Please, prayerfully consider how your financial gift might impact the full breadth and depth of our ministry.  Fill out the estimate of your financial contributions to the church on the form below.

Our church budget is built each year on estimates which are the intentions for monetary contributions in the upcoming year.  You can easily fill out the form below and click “submit” to confidentially send it directly to our bookkeeper.

Click to complete an Estimate of Giving Card

Automatic Pledge Payments

Please consider an automatic pledge payment.   It is secure and helps balance the cash flow for both the church and home budgets. The church bookkeeper can provide you with more information and help create an electronic account for your stewardship. Electronic funds transfers (EFT) can easily be set up for your annual pledge and will need to be updated each year.

To discuss ways of giving, contact the Bookkeeper, 541-345-8741.

Good Samaritan Fund

The FCC Good Samaritan Fund is an emergency discretionary fund managed by your pastors to assist our church family and members in our larger community who are experiencing a financial challenge. On a case-by-case basis, we are able to share God’s love and compassion in very tangible financial assistance for utilities, rent, medicine, and other basic necessities. The Good Samaritan Fund is supported by designated giving and contributions to the Good Samaritan Fund are always welcome and needed!

People often call the church office and talk about their needs before they come in. The Good Samaritan fund is typically disbursed in $35- $50 increments, averaging $12,000 annually. Occasionally Good Sam funds pay utilities or rent, consistent with the aim of preventing homelessness. Money for food is not often given, as several options are available in Eugene/Springfield for free food. Consider giving towards the Good Samaritan Fund this year.

Just click on Donate to go to a secure website where you can choose “To Give to Good Samaritan Fund” and then indicate the level of your donation.

The needs are great, as you can imagine. “There but for the grace of God go I…”


Escrip is a way for businesses to give to organizations who work for the greater good — like First Congregational Church. You can sign up on a secure website and register your credit and debit cards. Whenever you shop at participating businesses using those cards, that business makes an automatic contribution, based on a percentage of what is spent, to the FCC account which is then put into our Restricted Fund to be used wherever the need is greatest.

Go to to find out more and to register. Make sure you designate “First Congregational Church.” If you are already signed up to support another school or organization, you can add First Congregational as well and the donations with be shared.

Stock Transfers to FCC

When we receive stock transfers from Financial Institutions, they arrive without donors identified. If you initiate transfers, or intend to in the future, please inform our bookkeeper, so that we can apply your donations as you wish.