Some Basic Facts about the Endowment Fund

The First Congregational Church Endowment Fund is a ministry of First Congregational UCC with the mission of developing long-term financial support for the church.

Assets are managed by the Endowment Fund Directors in accord with the needs of the church, directions of donors, and the biblical values of justice, compassion, and stewardship.

As the FCC Endowment Fund grows, so does the amount the Directors can disburse to the church each year to supplement and enhance our annual church budget.

The FCC Endowment Fund is a vital part of the financial health of the church. By necessity, churches all over the country must rely more and more on the support of well-managed, long-term assets. First Congregational United Church of Christ is no different. Endowment Fund allocations have been used in a variety of ways, including improvements and maintenance of our church building, annual college scholarship for our youth, music program enhancements, and a $300,000 donation towards an addition to our building. All of this is possible because of you, our members.

The FCC Endowment Fund Balance as of December 31, 2021 is approximately $1,444,313.

The FCC Endowment Fund provides careful oversight for all extra-budgetary funds received by the church and arranges for their investment or other use in a manner consistent with the church’s continuing mission.

FCC Endowment Funds may be used immediately or deferred for later use, according to the wishes of the donor. Gifts to the Endowment Fund can be designated for a specific purpose, or they may be given without designation. The income of such funds is made available to the Church Board for the support and maintenance of the church or for special needs. The principal of unrestricted funds may be spent only by approval of a two-thirds vote of the Endowment Fund Directors.

The Gift that Endures

The FCC Endowment Fund provides a way for members and friends of First Congregational United Church of Christ to make a gift or bequest of lasting value and enduring benefit to supplement and enhance the ongoing work of the church.

How You Can Participate

The FCC Endowment Fund offers ample flexibility in the making of gifts, either as memorials, direct gifts, or bequests.

MEMORIALS – Bereaved families often welcome suggestions for appropriate memorials to a loved one. The FCC Endowment Fund is prepared to serve as the vehicle for establishing such lasting tributes.

DIRECT GIFTS – There are times when people wish to express their gratitude for special blessings: occasions such as births, wedding anniversaries, recovery from illness or injury, or for other personal reasons. The FCC Endowment Fund welcomes gifts of this kind.

BEQUESTS – The FCC Endowment Fund may be listed as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy; or for money or property in a will.  Those choosing to make a deferred gift, may become a member of The Society of the Cherished Cross.

The Society of the Cherished Cross

On August 12, 1985, a fire destroyed part of the Fire Congregational United Church of Christ in Eugene. Lost in the arson fire were the chapel, the lobby, the sanctuary balcony and the pastor’s study. Amazingly, the cross on the wall in the chapel, though burned severely, remained intact. This cross was encased in a permanent oak and glass memorial as a symbol of our enduring faith in God and our congregation.

In 1992, the cross was chosen as a fitting namesake for a new honorarium, The Society of the Cherished Cross. The Society was formed to honor a special group of donors – those who have stated their intention to make a deferred gift to the FCC Endowment Fund. A gift can be of any size, and will be used by the FCC Endowment as needs dictate.

If you would like to join the Society of the Cherished Cross, please contact the church office at 541-345-8741.

For Further Information

Anyone may inquire of a Minister, a FCC Endowment Fund Director member, or the Church office for more detailed information about the Endowment Fund or The Society of the Cherished Cross. Requests are held in confidence and entail no obligation whatever.

FCC Endowment Fund Appointed Directors:

  • John Soper, Chair
  • Mary Brooner
  • Gary Brown
  • Ann Fidanque
  • Dean Kokjer
  • Trisha Chapman
  • Namihira Bolton

2 Appointed Directors:

  • Jonathan Morgan, Senior Minister
  • Steve Carmichael, Church Board Moderator

Supporting non-voting members:

  • Kim Dorr, Bookkeeper
  • Emily Secord, First Allied Securities, Inc., Financial Advisor

Easter Dedication

In celebration of the Easter season of Love and Remembrance, there is once again an opportunity for you to honor the loved ones in your life, or to simply give thanks for a goodness in your life. As a memorial or a gesture of gratitude, you can make a donation to the FCC Endowment Fund, which helps provide a lasting legacy for First Congregational Church. These gifts, of any size, will be acknowledged in a dedication listing published to our congregation over the Easter weekend.

To have your dedication included on Easter Sunday, please complete the
dedication form and online payment by Monday, March 29, 2021.

Creating an Easter Dedication online is 2 easy steps:

  1. Click on Donate to go to Breeze, a secure website (make sure to choose “Give to Endowment – Easter Dedication”).
  2. Fill out the Easter Dedication Form below so we know who you want to honor and click “submit” to confidentially send it directly to our bookkeeper.

Click to complete an Easter Dedication Form

You’re Done!

If you’d prefer, you can print off a paper copy of the Easter Dedication Form and mail it along with a check, to First Congregational Church, 1050 E. 23rd, Eugene, OR 97405.

If you have any questions on how to complete the dedication form or how to offer your contribution, please contact the church office at (541) 345-8741 or email Dana at