Racism, Anti-Racism, FCC and Me ~ May 26

Next ZOOM Forums are Wednesday, May 26 and June 9, from 6:30–8 PM.

The Adult Education Committee has hosted a series of Wednesday Night Forums for over a year dedicated to learning about racism and how to become more effective advocates of anti-racism in our personal and professional lives. Our learning and relationship building within these forums has been quite meaningful and we look forward to continuing the journey. That said, over time our attendance has decreased and Adult Education agreed to discontinue our current format.

Our closing forum will be Wednesday, May 26. The focus of this session is to work as a group to brainstorm responses when we encounter racially harmful statements made by people in our lives.

On Wednesday, June 9 we will have one final meeting to celebrate our journey. We invite all of you who have participated in any number of forums to attend and help us in determining what our next steps might be. During our celebration meeting you are welcome to prepare a dessert or snack to enjoy over Zoom.

There is a human tendency to discuss important things such as racism and anti-racism only in response to a threatening situation. The goal of Adult Education is to proactively host events, hopefully monthly, every other month, or once a quarter. Everyone is invited and welcome regardless of whether or not you have attended previous sessions. We hope to see you this Wednesday, May 26 and on Wednesday, June 9. All are welcome!

See below for the full resource list of prior readings and videos for this forum.

Whether you’ve joined past classes, or would like to attend for the first time, all are welcome.  A link for the zoom gathering is sent out via the daily FCC emails the week of the meeting.

Join the talk!

Rules of Dialogue/Engagement

Below are the guidelines/agreements that are shared with participants at the beginning of each meeting. Please read these so we don’t have to spend time doing so each gathering – allowing more time for discussion.

  • We are all learners. No one has arrived, including the facilitators.
  • We promote equal worth of each person’s experience.
  • We promote listening with our hearts, not just our ears.
  • We’d like to increase dialogue while maintaining relational safety.
  • If you have a question or reaction to a previous speaker, we ask you to direct your question or comment to the facilitator.
  • Respect the privacy of things shared in this meeting.
  • Some may want to talk more; others may want to keep the conversation within this meeting.