FCC’s Mental Health Awareness Working Group will offer in November in-person book discussion(s) on Zig Zag Boy: A Memoir of Madness and Motherhood. In this nonfiction work by Tanya Frank, we learn about 19-year-old Zack and the impact his schizoaffective disorder has on the family—mother Tanya, partner Nancy, and brother Dale. Tanya becomes Zack’s strongest advocate…and a harsh critic of the health care system —one that helps the bright young man calm his mind with mind-numbing psychotic medications but offers very little therapy.

The Mental Health Awareness Work Group, which commenced last spring, aims to provide educational programs to increase awareness and understanding of mental health and other conditions that may be disabling; to support individuals with loved ones who experience mental health and challenging physical conditions; and to recommend inclusive, bias-free language for church services, programs, and conversations.

We extend a warm invitation to our next meeting, which will take place sometime in late fall. Join us and share your ideas about how we can extend a big welcome to all who experience mental, intellectual, or physical health conditions or disabilities.

Do stop by our mission fair table after on Sunday, September 10. For more information, contact: Chris Cunningham, chriscunningham195@gmail.com or Betsy Hoell betsyhoell@yahoo.com