Updated COVID Safety Protocols for
First Congregational Church as of March 23, 2022

Please review and honor the following safety protocols, which are offered with the intention of balancing diverse needs and opinions while calling Christian values of Community, Hospitality, and Care and Concern for the Vulnerable as our commitment to the common good.

The First Congregational Church’s COVID safety protocol is based on the current Lane County COVID community risk data. This data is reviewed weekly, and includes the CDC’s metric for helping determine a community’s COVID risk status, called the “COVID Community Level.” In assessing a community’s risk level, this metric considers new cases, number of hospital admissions, and % of staff inpatient beds occupied by COVID patients. The FCC COVID Protocol Safety Committee also considers the level of vaccination in the community.

Lane County’s COVID Community level is currently “LOW”. Effective immediately, while the risk level is low, First Congregational Church will welcome vaccinated people to wear a mask but not require it AND we will open our doors to non-COVID vaccinated individuals. Non-vaccinated people ages 2 and up will be required to wear KN95 masks while inside the church, which will be provided. We will also continue to practice social distancing

in our seating in the sanctuary and will continue to use the air ventilation systems we have available.

We are a Mask Affirming Community. Anyone may decide that wearing a mask is the right decision for themselves. Masks are optional for indoor church activities for those ages 5 and over who are vaccinated . “Masks optional” means that people who are vaccinated are welcome to wear a mask but not required to do so. Please continue to practice social distancing as well.

We encourage everyone to assess their individual risk level and tolerance. The Covid pandemic is not over… and safety protocols will continue to be adjusted as circumstances dictate, while centering the needs of all, with justice, equity, and the long-term health of the church as values that continue to guide accommodations in our ministry outreach. We have come this far by faith, and affirm that faith in the living God and one another will take us the rest of the way.

COVID safety protocols are developed by the FCC COVID Protocol Safety Committee which includes representatives from the church board and facilities committee, medical professionals, ushers, and FCC staff. This committee meets each Monday to review data (average daily new cases, positivity test rate, hospitalizations and vaccination rate) and to adjust church COVID safety protocols as warranted. We also utilize local, state, and national guidelines, as well as materials shared by the UCC.

Online Worship

We welcome you to come and experience the empowering love our progressive, Christian message provides.

Our online, recorded worship services enable us to stay connected any time and any where. Join us!

We invite anyone who is interested to be part of the worship service. Opportunities include preparing and presenting the call to worship, a prayer, or a piece of music. Interested? Contact Pastor Jonathan at jonathanm@fcceugene.org to see where you can add your gifts.

Occasionally, we hold live services through zoom. To receive the link to zoom gatherings, announcements and a daily message of hope see the daily All Church emails. Don’t currently receive these encouraging emails? Please contact Dana at danac@fcceugene.org to be added to the list.

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Daily All Church Emails

The All Church emails are sent out daily with a beautiful photograph, a message of hope and the days announcements. Links to various zoom meetings for the week are also included. If you are not receiving the daily All Church emails please contact Dana at danac@fcceugene.org.

We will continue to provide ongoing updates as necessary. We are monitoring the impact of COVID-19 in our community and are in consistent contact with our local, state, and federal partners, as well as with United Church of Christ national offices.