What better way to get to know church community than over a meal?

This has been a very successful ministry of FCC, with Dinners for Eight groups still meeting after 25+ years!

Complete the below form asking for your preference of breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings; restaurant or home get-togethers; weekdays or weekends; etc. Couples, families, singles, all are welcome! We’ll match folks up with similar meeting preferences.

Turn in to the church office by September 25; you’ll receive names and emails of your group later that week so you can begin gathering in October.

And, we’re trying something new this year…an additional selection. Let’s see if it provides more opportunities for fellowship and community! If so inclined, indicate if you’d like to get to know a group of people in an affinity group. For example, if you’d like to meet with other families with young children, with a group of working mom’s or a book/movie group or LGBTQ+ group, etc. We look forward to hearing from all who want to deepen their relationship with other FCC folks.