A group of nine FCC elders met in January to discuss organization and planning for 2024 Elder Council activities.

  • We planned Third Act Lunches: March 18, June 17, September 16, and December 16. Each of these lunches will be a time to enjoy a simple lunch together and presentation/discussion of interest to the group.
  • On Sunday, February 25 after the worship service, a meal and conversation will be held between members of the High School Youth Group and FCC Elder Council. A light lunch will be served. Youth and Elders will have time to talk together in small groups around deeper questions that allow participants to understand the other generation’s perspective more clearly.
  • Early in September, we are looking forward to holding an Elder Sunday organized by Jim Brown and others.
  • Further planning is underway to explore a series of Elder Discussion Circles that will connect spirituality and aging.
  • We decided to call ourselves the FCC Elder Council. Our quarterly lunches will continue to be called Third Act Luncheons. Each of these areas will have a sub-committee to work out the details. As a group we will continue discussing possible activities to enrich our gatherings, along with opportunities to make spirituality oriented connections.