Your Church’s Endowment~ A Rock for Ages

How has the Endowment grown to be such a financial blessing for the church? Funds come to the Endowment from various sources.  The annual Easter Dedication are but one of the ways the fund has grown.  Because it is a long term commitment to the future, many persons think of it as a place to give through their wills or trusts.  Others give because of a specific purpose within the Endowment, such as to scholarships.  

Memorials may be designated specifically to the Endowment.  Those who have IRAs and now have Required Mandatory Distributions can direct those, or part of them, directly to the Endowment with no income tax consequence.  Any of these estate planning tools should be discussed with your tax, legal or financial advisor. But however you may elect to give, your funds are deeply appreciated as continuing building blocks protecting our church’s future.