A big thank you to our garden party volunteers for doing such a great job assisting with landscape cleanup in October and November! Your hard work and dedication to keeping our grounds looking the best is inspiring.

Facilities is organizing areas and rooms as we move toward more and more indoor functions. We can use your help with items stored on the stage in Fellowship Hall. We have choir robes, theater props and costumes, and other miscellaneous “stuff”. Dana, Emma, Gretchen and Frank appreciate any feedback on what we need to do with everything. We will set up “organizing” volunteers to help with “de-cluttering” of cabinets and closets. If you are interested, please notify church staff.

As our season moves to winter, please be careful of slick surfaces due to moss, leaves, and ice. Facilities will do our best to keep stairs, pathways and parking clear and safe.

Safety tips for winter:

During a power outage, have flashlights with extra batteries in easy to reach locations. Turn off electronic equipment & appliances but do leave a couple of lights on (so you know when the power is working). Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed; the refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours; a full freezer will keep the temperature for about 48 hours. Avoid using any fuel-based heaters inside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and, if using a fireplace, ensure it is venting properly. Check on your friends and neighbors; we are all in this together!

Be safe and I wish you and your family HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Frank Spangler, Facilities Manager