FCC has been a long-time supporter of CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets), Eugene/Springfield’s local mobile crisis team that is trained to work with people on the street. Many of CAHOOT’S calls involve homelessness, mental health, and alcohol and drug addiction.

Sincere thanks to our youth group who initiated this collection project several years ago. The Social Justice and Witness Committee last month voted to reconvene collection efforts, as the need for winter accessories and snack items is great.

Donated items that help immeasurably in calming and comforting CAHOOTS’s clients include soft granola or cereal bars, dehydrated instant soups, small, easy-open cans of tuna and chicken, pre-packed cheese/ peanut butter crackers, fruit cups and applesauce. Soft food items are more suitable, because many people on the street do not have teeth or have damaged teeth.

During the winter months, CAHOOTS also appreciates hand warmers, socks, hats, and gloves.

Two large CAHOOTS collection barrels will be available, beginning Sunday, March 6 and continuing thereafter, in the upstairs lobby and near the downstairs entrance. CAHOOTS, which works closely with the Eugene Police, operates under the auspices of White Bird Clinic. For more information: https://whitebirdclinic.org/ cahoots