“Are we being good ancestors?” (in a climate-related sense)? These words by Jonas Salk, the man best known for developing the polio vaccine, speak to the heart of our modern day concerns about the current condition and future well-being of our planet. Are we leaving things in good condition for our children, grandchildren and the generations that will follow them? 

If not, what can we do – individually and collectively – to improve the condition of the planet before we take our leave and put it in the hands of those who will follow us? Small individual practices? Advocacy? Action? All are important, and all will help this cause. When we think of the children and future generations, the issue finds its way to our heart. How will we respond? 

May we all think clearly about that and support one another’s efforts, large and small…

The United Nations Climate Action website has a page that provides fantastic, inspiring, educational news about Youth in Action. Check it out and learn about young persons across nations who are adding vital energy to raising awareness and taking action to heal and nurture the Earth.