“The eyes of the future are looking back at us and praying that we can see beyond our own time.” –Terry Tempest Williams, American author

The “eyes of the future” belong to our children, our grandchildren and all future generations. Imagine their concern – their angst, their alarm – when they realize (or perhaps they already realize or are beginning to realize) the dire condition of our planet – the earthly home whose care and maintenance they will inherit from us as we take our leave in the coming years. 

It is imperative that we acknowledge their prayers and “see beyond our own time” by beginning to take action now, in any and all ways we can, to address the warming of our planet and the resulting adverse effects on life as we know it here in our midst. We can do this by making changes in our personal lives and by becoming advocates in our roles as community members and citizens of Planet Earth. Let us all become well-informed and persistently active in “seeing beyond our own time” and thereby helping to answer the prayers of our children and youth for a healthier planet and a more livable future. 

For practical ideas on how to begin, see one of many websites for active climate justice organizations, such as 350eugene.org, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Climate Action Network, Interfaith Power and Light, or the Sunrise Movement. For an excellent book on personal action for climate change, see the book, Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, by Paul Hawken.