Our spirits are nurtured in giving relationships. 

The activities below will help you find your place within the church community and provide opportunities to give. Also check out the Sunday Morning page.

Come and join us!

Service News

  • Like to Visit Others?
    Like to Visit Others?
    As an expression of our call to be connected in caring community, FCC is creating a network of Congregational Visitors, people who go out to visit folks who need a visit. These are often people who have challenges in getting out of their place of residence or...
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  • An Invitation to a Ministry of Deep Listening
    An Invitation to a Ministry of Deep Listening
    There are times when life is hard. And during those times it is good to have someone to listen and walk the path with you. While a pastor may play an important role in offering care and guidance at such times, the ministry of congregational care belongs...
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  • First Saturday Garden Work Party
    First Saturday Garden Work Party
    Saturday, 9 a.m. to noon Greetings, Gardeners! The fine weather is here, and we have great things to do out in it. One of these great things is to do some lovin’ on the grounds around our church home on the first Saturday of the month. Please...
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  • Sundays of Hospitality
    Sundays of Hospitality
    Greeting church attenders and new visitors on a Sunday morning is a vital part of creating a meaningful, welcoming worship experience. We all know how good it feels to be seen and invited into community. In addition to how we welcome people on a Sunday morning, we...
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  • Endowment Committee seeks one New Member
    Endowment Committee seeks one New Member
    Effective June 1, the Endowment Committee has one vacancy and is seeking someone to fill this slot for a term beginning then. If you are interested in serving or would like more information, please contact John Soper by email at john.soper43@gmail.com....
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  • Young Acolytes Wanted
    Young Acolytes Wanted
    Acolyte is a fancy church word for candle lighter (a carrier of the light). As a regular part of our Sunday worship, we are inviting the young ones among us (probably school age) to bring in the light at the beginning of worship and to bring it...
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  • Annual Pledge Campaign gets a New Look!
    Annual Pledge Campaign gets a New Look!
    Although the fall seems far away, the Stewardship Team is excited to share our plans with you. Since we are in a time of transition at FCC, we decided the old pledge campaign model was a bit tired and could use some fresh new energy. So, we’re...
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  • Celebrating 27 years as an Open and Affirming Church.
    Celebrating 27 years as an Open and Affirming Church.
    In March not only do we prepare ourselves for Easter, but remember that on March 13, 1996, First Congregational Church of Eugene was certified an Open and Affirming Congregation. What does it mean to be Open and Affirming? Open and affirming (ONA) is an official designation of...
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  • Tending our Flock (Pastoral Care in the Gap)
    Tending our Flock (Pastoral Care in the Gap)
    A small group convened January 26 to reimagine Pastoral Care at FCC. This group included Pastor Nancy, Youth Minister Mark Lindberg, Seminarian Beth Pfeiffer and Board Moderator Dan Close. The goal of this meeting was to discuss ways that the larger congregation could become engaged in pastoral...
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  • Hearing Assisted Devices Available!
    Hearing Assisted Devices Available!
    Hearing assisted devices are available for use in the Wheeler Room, Chapel, and Sanctuary. Whether you use an existing hearing device or would simply like the room’s sound amplified for easier hearing, we’ve got you covered! Please see Brent in the Narthex for a quick demo....
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  • FLOAT Seeking New Members!
    FLOAT Seeking New Members!
    Our FCC Family Life Outreach & Advocacy Team would like to hear your voice! We are a committee of the church that works to support and advocate for Children’s, Youth & Family Ministries at FCC. We have spearheaded the Tend the Flock initiatives, worked on curriculum for...
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  • Visit The Church Library
    Visit The Church Library
    You have a special invitation to come into the Library and browse through our  books that cover a broad range of categories. For dealing with life issues, we have resources to aid personal growth, help with parenting and aging and dealing with death and grieving.  In the...
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