Accessing the current Sunday worship service is always easy by just clicking the link in the daily emails that week. However, if you want to view a past worship service you missed (and you haven’t saved every daily email for the last 2 years!), then you will want to subscribe to the two church YouTube channels (subscribing is free).

After you click the link to open a February or current worship service, just click SUBSCRIBE and you can view current services beginning February 1, 2022. The channel you have subscribed to is named “First Congregational Church.”

The worship services from March 2020 until January 31, 2022, are on a different YouTube channel, named “Jon Morgan.” If you enter that name in the YouTube search box, you’ll see many FCC worship services. Just open one and then click SUBSCRIBE – and then you have access to all services prior to Feb 1, 2022.

After you have subscribed to YouTube channels, when you open YouTube you can just click “Subscriptions” and then choose by clicking on which of the two channels you want to view.