Our hearts are full to bursting as we joyfully announce we will be opening the doors to the Sanctuary for Sunday worship on October 10, 2021! We have persevered for a year and a half, creating church in numerous ways. From recording worship on rooftops and forests, balconies and driveways, backyards and living rooms, to offering Sunday service through Zooming and YouTubing and in the sun on our south lawn…then back to Zooming and YouTubing, we have continued to dance together in creating meaningful church community. We have “tended the flock” of our church members and our community at large; provided meaningful online adult education and book groups and prayer meetings; and stayed connected with our youth and young adults. We have even sung together, creating stunning videos that moved us to tears with their ability to raise our spirits to soaring.

So it is with much gratitude to our re-opening committee for their hours of Zoom meetings and thoughtful, careful analysis, that we are able to say, SEE YOU ON SUNDAY! The team has come up with a plan and protocols to provide a safe worship experience in the sanctuary for Sunday service.

What are the protocols that have been discerned with loving care for all?

  • ✦  We will provide KN95 masks at the entrance to the Sanctuary so that all can benefit from high quality and effective face coverings.
  • ✦  Our unvaccinated children 11 years and younger will have their own outdoor space.
  • ✦  The Sanctuary pews will have seating arranged to allow for social distancing. This does limit the number of people who can be in the sanctuary, so please call the church or sign up to reserve a space via SignUp Genius (you can find the link on the FCC website).
  • ✦  We will require all adults to be fully vaccinated with the COVID vaccine.Look to the all church daily emails for FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions and answers to the questions) in the days leading up to October 10th. If you have any questions, please contact the church office. And don’t forget to reserve a space in the Sanctuary if you feel comfortable participating in in-person worship again. We will be providing the worship service live via Zoom broadcast as well as offering a recorded version via YouTube a day or so afterwards, if you are not able to attend in person.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! On this special re-opening day, we will also have a sermon from Reverend Jessica Shine, our candidate for Associate Pastor.