Kids Community is the space in which we build relationships with each other and explore our faith through stories, art, and play. 

Kids Community is a vibrant and lively classroom that is full of extraordinary minds. These children are developing questions of wonder about their spirituality in a free environment, recognizing that it is the Divine Light that ties together all of us. They are exploring what it means to create and hold a Sacred Space. There have mainly been two age groups in attendance: 3 – 6 years old and 6 – 9 years old.

These children are absolutely amazing and already hold so much Spirituality inside of them! It is an honor to provide them with the language that they need to continue this journey of experiencing God’s Love. I am hearing questions like: Does God love people that don’t believe in him? Does God love bullies that call people names? Will I go to Hell if I do…? Do you have to be dead to be a Saint? Thank you, Adults, for getting the kiddo here on Sunday mornings. We start the class at the door, so that the kids can physically cross the threshold into their Sacred Space. Then, we do a body check-in before I read a story, followed up with a Wonder Conversation. Finally, they’re dismissed to free play. I tell the kids that they aren’t going to school on a Sunday – they’re going to be in their Sacred Space and simply create (whatever they want) in the name of God’s Love. Their free play is transformed into their prayer and it is beautiful to witness!

Are you an adult looking to volunteer with children? We have opportunities throughout the program year for our lay people to assist in the classroom with activities and creating a joyful space. Please email Jessie Peterson at; we can look at the calendar together!

Kids Community Update – December 2023

Thank you to the volunteers who are in the classroom on Sundays, and who take care of the space. Thank you to the volunteers that drop off gifts to the children like books and smiles. And thank you Adults, for bringing your Littles to Kids Community. I am so grateful for the guidance of the Family Ministries committee members and for the support of the church board.

Kid’s Closet

Kid’s Closet will be a new addition to Kids Community. We will be looking for donations of laundered kids clothing, shoes, backpacks and accessories for ages ranging PreK through middle school. The goal is to build a closet that our families can “shop” in throughout the year at no cost to the household. A tangential intention is to present the idea of clothing sustainability to the youth (i.e. not all clothes need to be brand new). The goal is to have this program available to our families by spring. If you’d like to get involved in this, please email Jessie Peterson at

Jessie Peterson, Kids Community Coordinator