As an expression of our call to be connected in caring community, FCC is creating a network of Congregational Visitors, people who go out to visit folks who need a visit. These are often people who have challenges in getting out of their place of residence or who otherwise just need someone to pay a friendly visit. While visiting is, of course, something many of us do anyway, the FCC Congregational Visitor program is an organized way for FCC to partner with the pastor to keep track of and care for people.

As a Congregational Visitor, you would be asked to visit a person (or two if needed) on a regular basis, perhaps every few weeks, to see how they are doing, have conversation, and refer any significant concerns to the pastor. To qualify as a Congregational Visitor, just come to the lunch and training on October 8th.

We will talk about the basics of a good visit (supportive connection with boundaries). Contact Pastor JT for more information (