Music Ministries finished 2021 on a triumphant note, experiencing both our first major choral program and our first time singing without masks since 2019. It was an amazing feeling. But that feeling was short-lived, as the rapid spike of the Omicron variant in January of 2022 brought about a total shutdown of all in-person worship. It was a punch to the gut. But we didn’t sink back, reeling in despair. Instead, we initiated a virtual educational series and worked on things that we otherwise didn’t have time for. We arrived at the end of that shutdown stronger, ready to tackle the rest of our season, and just in time to celebrate 40 incredible years with our organist extraordinaire, Barbara Baird. Despite the lost time, we managed to present a rich and meaningful program for Holy Week and Easter.

The music season in the fall brought amazing new people to the Chancel Choir, Bell Choir, and House Band. The Chancel Choir, focusing on improving intonation, made great strides in our quality of sound and expression. The Bell Choir took on difficult and exciting new repertoire, and the House Band put together a special service for All Saint’s Day for the first time. Despite all the adversity we experienced at the beginning of 2022, we finished the year much stronger than we started. That is something truly worthy of celebration and is a striking tribute to
the wonderful people of FCC who give so freely of their time, energy, and talent.

As I reflect on all of this, I can’t help but look forward to 2023 with great excitement and anticipation, as I imagine where we will be one year from now. To this wonderful FCC community, from all of us at Music Ministries, thank you for your tireless support this year. May the coming year bring us more of all of these things. Happy New Year to each of you!

Gratefully yours,
Jared Fischer, Director of Music Ministries