During the February church board meeting, the board:

• Approved a long-awaited sabbatical for Pastor Jonathan. This was originally scheduled for the summer of 2020, but we all know why that was delayed. The pandemic has not only caused a huge workload for our senior pastor but also not allowed a sabbatical to be taken. This summer that seems possible and with the church’s blessings Johnathan will be traveling and visiting other countries from June 13 through September 12. He will have much to share when he returns.

• Emily Farthing has been a long-time member of our church. She is currently a student at Union Theological Seminary in New York after her work serving people in Brazil. She is now requesting a discernment relationship with FCC as she pursues ordination as a minister. The board enthusiastically approved Emily’s request.

• Val Close, Chairperson of FCC’s Social Justice and Witness Committee, presented a request to have FCC become a Creation Justice Church, which is a commitment to conserve our planet’s resources and advocate for addressing problems caused by climate change. The board approved the request. FCC will apply to the United Church of Christ to be recognized as a Creation Justice Church.

• The Social Justice and Witness Committee also asked the board to approve work on gathering signatures and support for two gun control measures that would come before Oregon voters in the next election. The board approved this request.

• Your church board is still searching for a member of the congregation to be the secretary/clerk. The job entails taking notes at board meetings once a month so there is a record of board actions and decisions. We have a great board and would welcome someone stepping forward in service to our church. Please contact Steve Carmichael at moderator@fcceugene.org for more information and exploration.