We are pleased to provide an update on Parkside, the two homes on the south side of our FCC property. For several years before the pandemic, FCC members on the Housing Initiative Committee prayed and programmed and planned for deeper understanding of homelessness and for families to find shelter in the two small homes that St. Vincent de Paul placed on the property.

A short time before the pandemic, residents moved into the homes as part of St. Vincent’s transitional model, wherein they would move on to permanent housing after working with professionals to develop skills and stability. However, this population proved to be too fragile and vulnerable to live next to a public park. The current residents at Parkside are low-income members of St. Vincent’s affordable permanent supported housing program. As landlord, St. Vincent provides support services, while FCC provides the beautiful setting.

Our desire is that new residents feel the beauty of the park surroundings and the warmth of a home of their own, where both setting and home are imbued with the hope we have for the residents and the dreams they have for their future.