More recycling suggestions I have collected from our congregation.

by Marilyn Flick

  • Revino will distribute 2.4 million refillable wine bottles across 30 wine brands that have joined the program in our state. Working with Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and its BottleDrop locations and using a 50 cent deposit as extension of the Oregon Bottle Bill, the program begins in 2024
  • Recycling bottles that have a deposit is easy at Nightingale Hosted Shelters. Simply drive south on Hilyard to 34th Alley (just past 34th) and turn right into the entrance. In front of the main building there are two lined containers with a sign indicating bottle deposits. I simply emptied my bags and I was done! This was a great way to save time and make a small donation to this well-run homeless community.
  • has options to buy boxes to send non-curbside recyclables. My neighbor does the thicker plastic bags (not the film plastic that can be taken to grocery stores). I’m going to start sending these in as I have accumulated a lot of them. There is also an extensive list of companies that will accept their products for free. You just print out a label from the Terracycle website that has links to the various companies. 

Do you have Personal Green Choices to share with all of us? I will collect them for future segments. Email Marilyn Flick at