The very special blessing of community was present Wednesday night, June 29th, over the course of the evening. It began with bring-your-own picnic dinner and then segued to outdoor movies for the kids outside on the church playground and a moving, impactful conversation on youth empowerment for the adults in the Wheeler Room. Rev. Jim Bergquist came up from southern California to shepherd the group as we explored how we can offer courage, resilience and connectedness to youth during overwhelming times.

We talked about how to model and encourage behaviors that move towards happiness and hope:

Instead of comparing yourself to others, and seeing where you fall short… Celebrate your gifts and revel in what makes you special

Instead of constantly checking your phone… Take intentional breaks

Instead of thinking about who disappoints you… Think about those who come through

Instead of overthinking and worrying… Focus on what you can control

Instead of holding on to a grievance… Work on forgiving

Instead of trying to do everything…Work on delegating, and letting things go

Instead of thinking that new and more things will make you happy… Try to enjoy nonmaterial joys and experience

Thank you to Youth Minister Mark Lindberg and Gretchen Jewett, Director of Family Ministries, for providing ways we can wrap our arms around the children, youth and young adults of this faith community, as we hope to share with them a firm knowledge of their belovedness, and as we express our desire to be in loving relationship across all of our generations.