The war in Ukraine has created 2 million refugees, an unbelievable number in just 12 days. The FCC Social Justice and Witness Committee voted last week to contribute $1,000 from our church’s allocated Global Mission fund to the UCC Global H.O.P.E. and Global Ministries program. According to, our gift will bring food relief to refugees quickly and efficiently because of their partners in the area. They are working with Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, a group that has been offering humanitarian assistance to elderly and other vulnerable communities inside Ukraine who have not been able to leave, including immigrants and other migrant populations who are experiencing difficulties crossing into other European countries.

Gifts to the UCC Ukraine Emergency Appeal will provide shelter, food, and other care to war refugees and internally displaced people. It will help refugees and asylum seekers from African, Middle Eastern and other countries who had sought refuge in Ukraine and are now twice displaced. 

If you are looking for a way to help, please join us in contributing to the UCC fund. Any contributions FCC receives via online donations (link at, see below; select “Give to Emergency Relief”) or in person towards this effort will be sent weekly to UCC. Please note on your gift “Ukraine Global Mission.”