“Once more, our FCC family has demonstrated with hundreds of socks and many, many hats, that they have deep souls and generous hearts” said Chris Cunningham, one of the coordinators of the our recent drive. Hundreds of socks and dozens of hats were delivered to Cahoots and Bent Spoke and these programs are passing them to those who are cold and unhoused on these winter days. A big thank you to Chris Cunningham and Rick Mowday who coordinated our efforts!

Also, thank you for the generous support in purchasing gifts for those listed on the Giving Tree. Following are a few of the notes of gratitudes that were shared with FCC.

From residents in ShelterCare programs:

“Your generosity and kindness brings gratitude and light to dark times.” “Thank you so much for helping out this year. The kids losing their mom on Thanksgiving has been a struggle for us all and this helps us make a good Christmas for them.” “Thank you so much for helping out myself and my kids. God bless you all and have a great holiday.”

From the Life Change Program at the Mission:

“Thank you for the support of your Giving Tree this Christmas. The men in our program were truly blessed and joyful as they opened their gifts. It was such a joyous occasion! Christmas can be a difficult season for those who are recovering addicts. Many are estranged and working hard to repair the consequences and to trust God for healing hope. Your encouragement and generosity is so appreciated.”