The Social Justice and Witness committee asks that you think about our church sponsored Little Free Pantry and our collection for CAHOOTS when you make those trips to the store. There is always a need for food for the both the Pantry and CAHOOTS.

What specifically is needed?

The motto of the Little Free Pantry is “Take what you need, give what you can”. Those who are in need are looking for items that can be easily prepared because many who use the pantry don’t have the ability to cook on a stove for hours, so food that is easily heated in a microwave is best. Donations of easily heated canned goods, especially those with protein, are appreciated. And on these warm days, we ask donors not to leave anything that can melt or anything that is not well sealed.

For CAHOOTS, packaged snack food is really appreciated. This donation is used by CAHOOTS staff when they are called to assist a person in distress on the streets. An outreached hand and an offer of something to eat often diffuses a difficult situation quickly. The collection barrel sits in the upstairs area outside the Sanctuary.

We need several new volunteers to monitor the Little Food Pantry to make sure it is clean. If you are able to help once a month, please sign up on SignUp Genius. Thank you to the volunteers who has served these past many months!

FCC at Eugene Pride Festival

Once again First Congregational Church will sponsor a booth at the Eugene Pride Festival, August 13, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Volunteers to bake cookie and staff the booth are needed to make this a success. This year we have also been asked by organizers of the Pride event to seek volunteers for one hour shifts to be a visual presence at the entry to the festival as a counter to some of the negative sign-waving folks who have shown up to protest Planned Parenthood’s presence as well as express homophobia and transphobia with Christianity as their basis. If you would like to be involved in helping, look for opportunities to sign up coming soon. If you would like to be involved in organizing the event, contact Val at

Youth and mental health

This coming year, the Social Justice and Witness committee will be focusing much of its social justice efforts on youth and mental health. This summer we are exploring ways we can be most effective and programs we may partner with to address the needs of youth in our community. If you’d like to join us in this effort, please contact Val Close at

Updates from the FCC Green Team Plastic Recycling with Sanipac

Good news! Sanipac has recently announced that you may now put plastic bottles, jars, and jugs with the recycling codes 1 and 2 in the commingle recycling bins. The items must be larger than a tennis ball (no pill bottles) and clean but the labels do not have to be removed. Clamshells and tubs are not currently accepted.

FCC Plastic Roundup

After a successful plastic Roundup this past April, the FCC Green Team is planning another plastic recycling event on Saturday, October 8th. We will be collecting Styrofoam along with the following plastic items: #2 bottles and jugs; #2 tubs and lids; #4 lids, tubs, bottles, and jugs; #5 lids, tubs, bottles, and jugs

Please sort your items according to the above categories and make sure they are squeaky clean. In addition, for our plastic roundup, labels and sticky residue must be removed. It is okay if the label is printed on the plastic. If you have any questions, please contact Gwen Gwilym or Mary Mowday.