The Vision

To develop together an enduring relationship of mutuality, hope and trust, as we seek to be in relationship “beyond borders.” As we draw together our communities of different nationalities, languages, class, race, and life circumstances, we seek to do our part to make real God’s dream of wholeness, peace, and justice for all creation.

Tasajera News and Updates

We Covenant with our Partners in Tasajera, El Salvador

In 2008 we began a partnership with the fishing community of Tasajera, El Salvador. Our relationship began with supporting healthcare on the Island, and since then our work together has expanded to include environmental stewardship, economic development, access to clean water, and now a focus on education.

Our Tasajera sisters and brothers identified education as the single most important area of development of their community. Since 2012 we have shared our resources with the community to provide scholarships for high school and university studies. We have seen many of the Tasajera scholarship students graduate from high school and college due to our partnership with Centro de intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS), an organization that provides technical and cultural assistance to communities throughout El Salvador. Never before has this community had full access to education beyond the 9th grade.

Our annual special giving for the Tasajera Scholarship Fund pays school fees, purchasing of materials, school uniforms, transportation and in some cases housing for students who attend university.  It costs approximately $400 for a year of high school per student and $1000 for a year of university per student. The greater our gifts, the bigger the impact of our giving. Thank you for prayerfully considering a generous gift.

In 2017 ten members of our church, five adults and five youth, traveled to Tasajera to spend time on the Island with our fourteen scholarship students and their families, and to share in the life of the whole community of Tasajera.  We got to experience first hand the stories and see the positive impact that opportunities for education have brought to Tasajera, and the power of this partnership that has crossed borders and built friendship and solidarity.

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