The board met twice in September to discuss how we can meet the needs and requests of our youth groups during the pandemic. Many of the youth want to meet in-person and their parents are expressing their support.

The board reviewed a number of guidelines and procedures that could be used to allow them to meet as safely as possible. The decision was made to establish an approach that could be used to allow outdoor meetings and another approach to allow indoor meetings.

  • For indoor meetings, we will use the system used by the 4J school system. Those metrics include the rate of infections, the total infections, and other factors.
  • For outdoor meetings, we will follow the Oregon Health Authority conditions for youth camps. That approach changes based on what phase is in effect in Lane County.
  • Both indoor and outdoor meetings will require the use of masks, social distancing, taking temperatures, a brief health/exposure questionnaire, participation log with contact information, sanitation procedures, a limited number of participants, and reports of any infection following a gathering.

We are so pleased to be able to offer a way for our youth and children to meet together. 
In addition, the board decided that the same provisions that allow the youth to meet should be applied to any groups using the church building or church grounds. That includes committees and outside organizations that use our church facilities. Since the permission to meet depends on the current situation with the spread of the virus, every Monday our website will list the current status of being able to meet in our building or on church grounds.

While we would love to start in-person worship services, it continues to look like that will not be possible for some time.