Which door to enter?

During the week, the only door unlocked is near the office on 23rd Street.  On Sunday and Wednesday Evenings, all doors are unlocked.

The building is accessible to all, with wheelchair accessible restrooms on both levels and an elevator.  Service animals are welcome.  The building consists of two floors built on a sloped lot, allowing direct access to either floor from an outside entrance.


There is a large parking lot on Harris Street, with street parking available surrounding the church.  Our small “staff” parking lot off 23rd Ave. is not used by staff on Sunday mornings and is available to those with handicap stickers and/or mobility issues.  A loading zone is available where people may be dropped off on 23rd Avenue in front of the covered walkway leading to the main doors.

Main Entrance off of 23rd St.

Main Entrance – off 23rd

Office Entrance off of 23rd St.

Entering from 23rd Avenue under the covered walkway allows you direct access to the main/upper level without having to negotiate steps and an elevator to access the lower level.  A loading zone exists at the yellow curb by the covered walkway.  The main level includes the Sanctuary, Chapel, Wheeler Room, classrooms for children 1st through 12th grades and the church offices.

Office Entrance – off 23rd

Entering from the upper parking lot on 23rd street allows you direct access to the main/upper level and offices of church staff without having to negotiate steps.  

See Contact Us for current office hours.

Atrium Entrance is through the
covered walkway off large 
parking lot along Harris St.

Atrium Entrance – off Harris St.

Following the covered walkway from the big parking lot allows you direct access to the lower level without having to negotiate steps and an elevator to access the upper level.  The lower level includes the Atrium, Fellowship Hall, Barber Room, Clark Room, Peter Horn Lounge, classrooms for children birth – kindergarten, game room and the Congregational Preschool.

Hearing and Print Assistance

Hearing assisted devices are available for use in the Wheeler Room, Chapel, and Sanctuary. Whether you use an existing hearing device or would simply like the room’s sound amplified for easier hearing, we’ve got you covered!

Please see Brent, head Usher, just before you enter the sanctuary in the area called the narthex for a quick demo. Also available are large print bulletins, Bibles, and song sheets.