Creation Justice Ministries (formerly the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program) represents the creation care and environmental justice policies of major Christian denominations throughout the United States. We work in Cooperation with 38 national faith bodies including Protestant denominations and Orthodox communions as well as regional faith groups, and congregants to protect and restore Gold’s Creation.

Mission Statement:

Creation Justice Ministries educates, equips and mobilizes Christian individuals, congregations, denominations, and communions to protect, restore and rightly share God’s creation.

Creation Justice Defined:

“Creation justice” means protecting, restoring, and rightly sharing god’s creations. We seek justice for all of god’s creation, including the human beings who live in it. Our approach to creation justice is informed by respect and love for our creator. We draw on the rich heritage of Christian scriptures and traditions which call us not only to till and keep the earth, but also to act for racial, economic, and environmental justice.

In the UCC, the most solemn and sacred commitment one can make is that of a covenant. It marks a serious promise to God on the part off a congregation. A covenant also entails a promise among congregants to each other as they seek “to walk together in all God’s ways” (Constitution of the United Church of Christ). After a prayerful process of discernment, those who have been leading the church in seeking designation as a Creation Justice Church will draft a Creation Justice Covenant to be presented to either the congregation or the governing council for a vote. There are no requirements for how it is to be written, and to find more visit or www.creatioonjustice. org. or connect with a member of the FCC Green Team.