The Nominating Committee was honored to be given the opportunity to prayerfully consider each person who was recommended by the congregation for the 2024 church board. We have prepared a slate of nominees to present to First Congregational Church members at the Congregational Meeting on June 9, 2024, for approval.

Per the church bylaws, board members must be members of FCC Eugene. We also sought to nominate people who would bring diverse representation and a breadth of skill sets to the work of church governance. We sought diversity among board members with respect to areas of involvement in church life, gender identity, ethnicity, family composition, sexual orientation, age, length of membership, etc. And we sought a variety of relevant skill sets, including finances, organization, education, outreach, music, building care, etc.

Beginning in this upcoming program year, there will be 11 members of the board: 9 Board Members (with staggered 3-year terms), plus the Moderator (1-year term) and Moderator-Elect (1-year term). Note that the Moderator-Elect will become Moderator the following year.

The Nominating Committee is proud to present the following slate of nominees for the Church Board, with terms commencing in July 2024 and ending in June of the year indicated in parentheses. Please see below for biographies for each nominee.

Moderator – Laurie Swanson Gribskov (2025)

Moderator-Elect – Martha Pitts (2025)

Fulfilling Laurie Swanson Gribskov’s remaining term as Board Member – Kimberley Parzuchowski (2026)

Board Member – Tony Foy (2027)

Board Member – Bonnie Garcia (2027)

Board Member – Jon Stout (2027)

At the Congregational Meeting on June 9, 2024, nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

The Nominating Committee extends its gratitude to everyone who recommended names for our consideration. We were delighted to have so many names lifted up, many more than could be called to serve this year. Our church community is truly blessed.

Nominating Committee: Robin Detmer, Andrea Harwood, Lee Kersh, Nancy Menning, and Jenny Allen, chair.

2024 Nominee Biographies

LAURIE SWANSON GRIBSKOV (Moderator term ending 2025)
I am honored to be nominated as your next Moderator. My husband Pete and I have been members of FCC for over 30 years and raised our now adult children in this church. I served on the FCC Board in 1995 and have been a member of the current board this past year. I have served on or facilitated many committees, including a Pastor Search Committee and most recently, the Bylaws Working Group. I just completed 12 years of leading the Creslane IRC Reading Program which I created.   My professional life included being the Executive Director of the Southern Willamette Private Industry Council and subsequently being the Dean of High School Connections and Cooperative Education at Lane Community College.   I was elected to a term on the Eugene City Council. The next chapter in FCC’s history is promising and I am excited to be part of this effort.

MARTHA PITTS (Moderator Elect term ending 2025)
Martha Pitts has been a member of FCC since 1997 and has served in several roles in the congregation.  Most recently, she served as the chair of the Transition Team which has supported the board in its work to lead the congregation through transitions since both of our pastors left in 2022.  She has also served as the chair of the Stewardship Team, and on the Endowment Committee.  Martha has been involved in several spiritual development groups including Disciplines, Companions in Christ, and Seekers and co-led one of the Companions in Christ.  

Martha and her wife Tracy have participated in Dinners for 8, were married at FCC, and value their involvement here in creating community and supporting their family.  For most of her career in Higher Education Enrollment, Martha travelled extensively for work.  Since her retirement in 2022, Martha has assumed leadership roles at FCC, and has immersed herself in learning about and creating art you can touch.  

KIMBERLEY PARZUCHOWSKI (for term ending 2026)
Kimberley Parzuchowski has been attending FCC since 2005 and became a member later that year.  I and my husband Bret raised our two children Tristan and Tomas in the church and I was active in children and youth programs during their childhood and youth; my youngest, Tomas, is graduating from high school this year. The FCC community has made and continues to make me a better parent by modeling the wisdom and compassion of applying the ethics of Jesus.  While none of us is perfect, I see how together we can do much to bless, support, and lift up others.  I have learned this in our community.

I have served on the Adult Education committee three different times and this year have chaired that committee. I have taught a number of Adult Ed. classes and facilitated many more. I served for about six months as Youth Director, until I began teaching professionally after earning my PhD.  I teach at UO, LCC, & Bushnell.  I have been serving on the Transition Team for over a year.  I participated in leadership development under Nancy and Jessica and spiritual development in Companions in Christ, Seekers, and together with my fellow Adult Education team have led spiritual practices for our congregation.

As a philosophy professor who loves the study of religion, I have sought to bring insight and wisdom to our shared religious life through classes, book studies, and spiritual practices that celebrate the meaning and beauty of being committed to a faith community.  This also means seeing and inviting the gifts of our fellow parishioners to share their knowledge, wisdom, and stories as we learn from and with each other.  I have seen the importance of our faith community in my children’s lives and the life of our family as we brought the stories, practices, and insights home.  This experience has deepened my perception that our human world desperately needs the grounding of faith communities and our natural home needs us to find ways to make our religious lives more earth-centered. To spread these seeds, we have to draw in the children, youth, and their families.

JON STOUT (for term ending 2027)
I’ve been quietly attending FCC of Eugene since about 1990, when our young family moved to town. Our two daughters grew up in the Church. My second marriage was performed in the Church and last December my wife’s memorial service took place here. My primary, most consistent interfaces with the Church outside of worship have been the adult education classes and the men’s Bible study. I retired as a family physician at the end of 2015. I would be honored to serve this congregation on the Board at this forward-looking time in Church history.

BONNIE GARCIA (for term ending 2027)
I am a grounded individual who experiences a mystical connection with Spirit. For fifty years of my life, I have yearned for and sought to cultivate my relationship with the Divine; during this journey I have experienced rich worship and Bible teaching in nondenominational churches, Pentecostal and charismatic Assembly of God churches, Disciples of Christ churches and now at FCC a Congregational church. I believe that God, Jesus and Spirit want relationship with humans and have provided us access to them by means of the Kingdom of God which is in us and among us. Being aware of the presence of this Kingdom provides me with a blueprint for being in relationship with all other beings and with nature as well. For the last 25 years of my career, I have served in churches as a Business Administrator and/or an Accountant. Beyond a job, I have spent many years volunteering in churches within teaching ministries, Personnel Committees, small group ministry and teaching Sunday School. I embrace the four Franciscan values as a compass for my life: service to the poor and marginalized, affirmation of the unique worth of each person, appreciation for beauty, reverence for all creation, and faith in a personal and provident God. I am honored to be asked to be on the FCC Board, and I believe Spirit has guided me here to this juncture in my life.

TONY FOY (for term ending 2027)
I am very honored and excited to be nominated as a member of the Church Board. Having previously served on the FCC Foundation Board (now the Endowment Committee) for over 6.5 years from 2013 to 2020, I have also been privileged to serve on/participate in several committees, including Associate Pastor Search Committee, Elkins-Nelson Scholarship Committee, Budget Committee and Family Ministries. Since 2018 I have been an active member of the weekly Men’s Bible Study group. In my professional career I am currently the Director of Tyndale Advisors Marketing, a position I have held for 9 years. Prior to that I was co-owner of a technology integration company for 15 years. My wife, children and I have called Eugene home for the past 24 years, having been members of FCC since 2011.