Sharing our Community of Abundance All Year Long

The Stewardship Team would like to put our hands up to applaud all of you who participated in the Home Gatherings this fall. We greatly appreciate your willingness to “try something different” for our annual Fall Campaign. All told, nearly 120 people supported the gatherings,
including hosts, presenters, and guests!

We hope you enjoyed connecting with FCC friends, watching the inspirational video, and sharing why this church is important to you. Now you are invited to attend Consecration Sunday this coming Sunday, November 5 as we share our treasures and joyfully celebrate our community of abundance at our annual potluck luncheon after worship.

Together in service,
FCC Stewardship Committee: Clark Compton, Kim Dorr, Lynne Hellesvig, Dean Kokjer, Jean Stover, Stewardship Chair,

Cloth banner "Open Hands"

Estimate of Giving Card

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Our church budget is built each year on estimates which are the intentions for monetary contributions in the upcoming year.  You can easily fill out the form below and click “submit” to confidentially send it directly to our bookkeeper.

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