We offer a huge thank you to the actors who brought our traditional Advent pageant to life on our computer screens.

Thank you to Brent and Dana Clark and Jennifer Sellers for their portrayal of Elizabeth, Zachariah and the angel Gabriel.

Thank you to Melissa, Becca, Gail, and Ella Gomsrud for their portrayal of Mary, Elizabeth and the angels and their father Brett Gomsrud for filming.

Thank you to Ellie, Louis and Rachel Nosce for taking us on the long journey to Bethlehem!

Thank you to Mark, Julia, Joren, and Annika Lindberg and Scott, Robin, Miles, and Claire Detmer for bringing us our Christmas Eve story.

Thank you to the Moeller-Johnson Family for taking us on the journey of the magi following the star of wonder.

AND, many, many thanks to Pastor Jonathan Morgan for beautifully and artfully putting together all the pieces to make the virtual Advent Pageant possible!