It’s springtime in Oregon, and everything is ‘abloom. Imagine blossoms in your yard in a simple, beautiful bouquet on the altar. Bring dogwood or fallen fir branches, lilacs in a shade of purple or white, laurel shrub trimmings, rhododendrons. Summer offers many blossoms in full color.

You may find a fresh bouquet at a florist or the Farmers Market on Saturday. Modest bouquets welcome!

Sign up for any Sunday on the kiosk in the lobby or select a date to honor or memorialize someone. Bring your bouquet early Sunday morning. Vases are available behind chancel.

P.S. ~ if you have an unused ironing board taking up space in a closet, the altar committee could put it to good use. After months of being folded in the cupboard, sometimes we need to iron out creases and wrinkles before we can use the cloths on the altar. We have been given a wonderful iron and just need a board to have what we need. Thank you in advance!