There are times when life is hard. And during those times it is good to have someone to listen and walk the path with you. While a pastor may play an important role in offering care and guidance at such times, the ministry of congregational care belongs to the whole church. As an expression of care for the friends and members of FCC, we are establishing a program to train and support a small group of people to confidentially accompany others over time through journeys of loss, confusion, and change.

This is an invitation to those who feel a call to accompany others going through a hard time and who sense they have the graces and gifts to be a deep listener. Those called will go through a series of six two-hour sessions of training in listening, self-awareness, prayer, and boundary setting.

Please contact Pastor JT if you feel called to this ministry ( A six session training will begin in late October and be scheduled in cooperation with those seeking training.