On November 6, 2023 your Church Board held a special meeting to discuss the process for the selection of the Pastoral Search Committee chair and members of the committee. A total of 30 people were nominated for the Search Committee from throughout the congregation.

The Board, Transition Team and members of the FCC congregation recommended seven people for the Chair position. In addition, the Board also created an Ad Hoc Group of ordained ministers who are members of FCC but have not served as a pastor of our church. This Ad Hoc Group will provide advice and counsel to the Search Committee on spiritual matters, church organization and governance, and other matters relevant to the selection of the Settled Pastor.

During the November 6 meeting, the Board selected Tracy Lampman as the Chair of the search committee from the list of seven nominations. Tracy and her wife Martha Pitts have been members of FCC since 1999. Tracy has a background in administration at the University of Oregon and has been a financial planner for the past 20+ years. Here at FCC, Tracy is a four-time Moderator of the church, having served during the final years of Pastor Greg Flint’s time, the Interim Period of Pastor Diane Hogge, and the first year of Pastor Jonathan’s tenure. Tracy has also served as the Chair of the Endowment Committee, been active in stewardship activities, has served on numerous search committees, and participates in multiple ministries. Furthermore, Tracy has participated in both Companions and Disciplines courses, leading the Companions class on three occasions. Tracy served most recently with the Engagement group and with the Personnel Committee as a consultant on staff benefits. Tracy fits of criteria of being a deeply spiritual person who also has outstanding leadership, administrative, and interpersonal skills. Please welcome Tracy as our new Chair of the Search Committee!

The Board also recommended a process for selecting the Vice Chair, which included four persons selected for the Vice Chair position from the list of nominated candidates. Following the Board meeting Tracy interviewed these four candidates. Tracy selected Barb Aalund as the Vice Chair. Barb and her husband Terry are new to FCC, but are enthusiastic and active members. Barb has a background in engineering and has extensive experience in administrative activities, including personnel and hiring matters. In addition, she is extremely well organized and competent in various computer and software applications.

We are so fortunate to have a person with Barb’s expertise and passion to serve as the Vice Chair of the Search Committee. The selection of the remaining seven members of the Search Committee will be conducted by a small group of Board members, plus Tracy and Barb. This group will interview the 30 nominees for the general membership of the Committee, forwarding recommendations for the seven remaining members of the Committee to the Board. During a special meeting on December 4, the Board will make the final selection of the remaining members for the Committee. The full Search Committee will be announced following the December 4 meeting. The nine member Search Committee will be installed during the January 14, 2024 worship service by Central Pacific Conference UCC Minister Rev. Tyler Connoley. They will begin their work immediately following installation.