Body Awareness Class via Zoom

Mondays at 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

A note from Robin Detmer, MPT, about Body Awareness class:

What is Body Awareness????  

  • A class I created to bring you the things that I think, if done regularly, would prevent people from needing to schedule 1:1 sessions with me 
  • Diaphragmatic breathing to come home into our bodies
  • Core strengthening (think belly, hips, stabilizing muscles) 
  • Stretching/ gentle movements to invite the body to open and relax
  • Some yoga poses and Pilates exercises
  • Mindfulness, gratitude, body positivity, self love, compassionate presence 
  • A guided meditation at the end of every session 
  • CLASSES remain FREE to all, with donations kindly appreciated. $12-$15 per class is commonly offered by participants via Venmo and is greatly appreciated but not required.

Thank you for your support, for joining me to improve our health and wellness, and for sharing this with anyone who would benefit from joining us!

Join FCC member,  Robin Detmer for her Body Awareness Class to experience how to be more fully present through the gifts of gentle strengthening, core alignment, spirit mindfulness, and deep relaxation. A yoga mat and a strap for stretching is a good idea.

The centering, the breathing, the strengthening, the lengthening, the spending one hour of the day to JUST BE. 

As a Wellness Coach and Physical Therapist, Robin will help you face these challenging days with a greater sense of peace within your body.

All fitness levels and ages are welcome!

For the link to these occasional classes via zoom, see the Daily All Church Emails. If you are not receiving the daily emails or would like the link sent directly to you, please contact the church office, 541-345-8741.