photo of class in Wheeler room

Sponsored by Respond to Racism Monday, June 6 – 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

TheCentralPacificConferenceishighlightingthisofferingfromRespondtoRacism,anOregon nonprofit organization. R espond to Racism’s June Community M eeting: N ative Children and the legacy of R esidential Schools in Oregon, is an online offering. One of these schools was located at P acific University, which is part of our Congregationalist history.

Visit the following website to register:– meetingnativechildrenandthelegacyofresidentialschoolsinoregon

The discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves of Indigenous children on the grounds of residential schools in Canada has shocked and saddened people across the globe. What is less well known is that similar schools once functioned across the United States. These institutions were designed to break students’ ties to Native cultures, languages and beliefs. One of the first residential schools in the nation was founded here in Oregon.

This talk by Eva Guggemos, Archivist and Associate Professor at Pacific University, will discuss how and why the school was founded; what daily life was like for its students; work that is being done to document deaths and burials at the school; and how we can confront the residential school system’s legacy of trauma.