Beginning the week of September 18, FCC will be offering three opportunities to participate in a once-a-week experience to deepen your walk not only with God but with a small group of likeminded travelers on this path we call faith. It is an experience like none other to learn more about yourself, your experience of God, and of spiritual practices that deepen your walk with others in Christian community. This experience is called Companions in Christ.

FCC has offered the Companions in Christ class many times through the years. Perhaps you have even taken it in the past…perhaps you’d like to take it again… perhaps you have never heard of it. Companions in Christ is a twenty-eight week class where groups of about 8-12 people join together for two hours a week to explore and grow their faith.

Three distinct classes will begin the week of September 18. Each class will be held on a specific day and time from mid-September to mid-April. Our leaders and available times include the following:

Mondays 3 – 5 p.m in the Barber Room (begins Sept. 18)
Leader: Janet Taylor ~ for women

Mondays 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in the Barber Room (begins Sept. 18)
Co-leaders: Averyn Payne and Andrea Harwood ~ co-ed group

Thursday 10 a.m. – noon in the Barber Room (begins Sept. 21)
Co-leaders: Tracy Lampman and Marti Kersh ~ for women

More information about the Companions in Christ program and the multiple offerings available this church year will be shared at the Mission/Ministries Fair after church on September 10 in the Fellowship Hall. You can sign up there. Group leaders will be available to answer questions. Please feel free to contact any of the leaders or Jenny Carmichael for more information or to reserve a spot. We look forward to an exciting year together!

Claim your spot in one of the groups now by sending an email to Jenny Carmichael at Groups will be limited to eight to twelve participants.(p.s. We are exploring the option of child-care so please let us know if that would make it possible for you to attend.)