Twice a year our church holds a congregational meeting. On June 27, right after the 10 a.m. worship service, the summer congregational meeting was held on Zoom.

Thank you to all who contributed information.

  • John Soper reported on the work of the Endowment Committee.
  • Polly Shannon spoke about the work of the Search Committee. The committee is beginning to receive applications for the Associate Pastor position.
  • In a recorded message, Richard Clark described the search for a Music Director and expressed the hope we will have the position filled during the first week of July.
  • Jonathan described a number of church accomplishments that have taken place in the past six months and acknowledged staff and congregational contributions to the life of the church.

Steve Carmichael acknowledged the board work of multiple individuals:

  • Three board members are leaving – Lynne Hellesvig (6 years on the board, 2 years as moderator), Mike Booth (3 years on the board) and Joanne Flaherty (3 years on the board, 1 year as moderator).
  • Treasurer Clark Compton, who has provided financial leadership the past two years.
  • Secretary Julie Jessal, who has been recording the minutes faithfully for six years.

Moderator and Vice-Moderator board positions were affirmed, and three newly elected board members for the ’21-’22 year were welcomed onboard:

  • Steve Carmichael has been elected to serve as Moderator for another year and Elly Vandegrift has been elected to serve as Vice-Moderator for the coming year.
  • Newly elected board members, elected for three-year terms, are Dan Close, David Frank and Polly Shannon.
  • Tony Foy has been appointed the Treasurer.