How to Get Straight A’s in Climate Citizenship (AAA)

It’s too easy to think that there is little we can do as individuals to help alleviate our planet’s current climate concerns. But actually there is much we each can do to be part of the climate solution, and not just part of the climate problem. The very best we can do is to strive to get “Straight A’s” in Climate Citizenship. 

“Straight A’s” (AAA) are earned through engaging in climate AWARENESS, climate ADVOCACY, and climate ACTION. 

  • Climate awareness means becoming more informed about the current climate issues we face and how we can address them as individuals and as members of climate-aware groups. 
  • Climate advocacy involves giving voice to your values by communicating with others about climate issues and possible actions. 
  • Climate action means doing those things, in addition to advocacy—in your own life and collectively with others—that help address climate concerns. 

Strive to be more mindful of how you can become a “Straight A” climate citizen through increased awareness, advocacy and action on behalf of our own values and out of love and concern for the well-being of future generations.