In celebration of the Easter season of Love and Remembrance, there is once again an opportunity for you to honor the loved ones in your life, or to simply give thanks for a goodness in your life. As a memorial or a gesture of gratitude, you can make a donation to the FCC Endowment Fund, which helps provide a lasting legacy for First Congregational Church. Your gift can be of any size, and your dedication will be published in a dedication listing in the Easter Sunday Worship Bulletin on April 9th.

During the Lenten Season, your FCC Endowment Committee will present a series of “Friday Facts” in each Friday All Church Email, as reminders of what having an Endowment means and how it serves the Church. The Endowment is truly a rock, providing stability for the church now and into the future. It will provide $55,000 to the operating budget of the church this year. Our goal is to not only continue present support for the church budget but to grow, providing greater support as time goes on.

To have your dedication included on Easter Sunday, please complete the dedication form and online payment by April 5, 2023.

Creating an Easter Dedication online is 2 easy steps:

  1. Click on Donate to go to Breeze, a secure website (make sure to choose “Give to Endowment – Easter Dedication”).
  2. Fill out the Easter Dedication Form below so we know who you want to honor and click “submit” to confidentially send it directly to our bookkeeper.

Click to complete an Easter Dedication Form

You’re Done!

If you’d prefer, you can print off a paper copy of the Easter Dedication Form and mail it along with a check, to First Congregational Church, 1050 E. 23rd, Eugene, OR 97405.

If you have any questions on how to complete the dedication form or how to offer your contribution, please contact the church office at (541) 345-8741 or email Dana at