This is a summary version of the Ministry Moment provided by Moderator Dan Close during worship on December 17, 2023

“Today I’d like to take a few minutes to share with you my thoughts on the good things happening at FCC, to update you on the important task of creating a budget for 2024, and ask for your help.

First, there is good news on the about to expire 2023 budget.  As a result of a slight increase in revenue and decreases in expenses, we expect to use little or no reserve funds in the 2023 budget.

Furthermore, there is a dramatic increase in attendance during Sunday worship, both in person and on-line. More importantly we have experienced a spiritual renewal in multiple areas during worship. 

In addition, our outstanding music ministry, led by our talented staff and incorporating dozens of church members was joyously on display at worship this Sunday.

Our Social Justice and Witness Ministry, fellowship activities, small spiritual formation groups, youth and children’s classes are all operating with good energy and active participation.

Yet, despite these positive indicators in virtually every ministry in FCC, there is still important work to be done. We have not yet met our budget goals for the coming year. To date over 50 individuals and families who pledged in 2023 have not yet made a pledge for 2024.

Our finance committee, is committed to presenting you with a budget with a maximum of 5% reserve funds. We are not there yet. Over reliance on cash reserves to balance our operating budget is not sustainable.  

So here is my request:  We want to make this financial commitment easy for you. You can call the church office or email your pledge. You can use one of the pledge cards in the pew racks or in the narthex and place it in the offering plate. If the pledge card is sitting on the kitchen table at home, please turn it in. If you don’t remember if you made a pledge, please contact the office.  You can make a pledge below by filling out the Estimate of Giving Card. If you are still debating your financial commitment to our church, reach out to me or others and let’s talk about it. 

Thank you.”

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Estimate of Giving Card

Please, prayerfully consider how your financial gift might impact the full breadth and depth of our ministry.  Fill out the estimate of your financial contributions to the church on the form below.

Our church budget is built each year on estimates which are the intentions for monetary contributions in the upcoming year.  You can easily fill out the form below and click “submit” to confidentially send it directly to our bookkeeper.

Click to complete an Estimate of Giving form