July 1 is the crossover from the previous church board to the new church board. At the June Congregational Meeting, we elected four new board members and the moderator and the moderator-elect. We awarded seven Elkins-Nelson scholarships to a wonderful group of young people. We approved the new bylaws. We thanked outgoing board members Dan Close, Polly Shannon and Mary Otten for their dedicated and heartfelt service.

Six (6) board members continue:

  • Valerie Hazen
  • Joan Rawlings-Boyd
  • Vic Mann
  • Georgia Quick
  • Tim Bloch
  • Laurie Swanson Gribskov (elected to Moderator)

Five (5) new board members will serve:

  • Bonnie Garcia
  • Tony Foy
  • Jon Stout
  • Kimberley Parzuchowski
  • Martha Pitts (elected to Moderator-Elect)

Three (3) ex-officio officers are:

  • Stephanie Lonergan, Secretary/Clerk
  • Larry Flick, Treasurer
  • Dan Close, Past Moderator

The outgoing board met on June 17, 2024. They wrapped up business and handed off items to the new board to carry forward. There is continuity, planned transition, and good energy for the upcoming year (July 2024 – June 2025).

Big issues on the horizon include:

  • Establishing a new .75 Associate Pastor position with a two year term calling Mark Lindberg to the position
  • Reimagining Youth and Family Ministries
  • Continuing Congregational Conversations about strategic planning
  • Strengthening role of Standing Committees
  • Calling the new Lead Pastor

We will continue our growth as a board and congregation creating a compelling vision for the future. The board is embarking on a Summer of Learning. We will have four training session with Pastor JT in addition to the regular board meetings.

We are making a commitment to grow and develop; to lead and evolve. We are excited and encouraged. Good things lie ahead.

Submitted by Laurie Swanson Gribskov, FCC Church Board Moderator