“Kids might be a small percentage of the population, but we’re 100% of the future.” 

(Cash Daniels, age 12, Environmental Activist, Time Magazine’s “Kid of the Year”)  

Now there’s some youthful wisdom we can get behind! Kids like Cash Daniels, Greta Thunberg (the Swedish teen and prominent climate activist who started School Strikes for Climate and who has addressed world leaders about climate change) and local youth, who famously sued the federal government for a livable future in the landmark case, Youth v. Gov., are all inspiring young leaders. But aren’t all young people inspiring? Isn’t the healthy future of each child and youth worth fighting for? Can’t we do this together? 

An “all generations” force of committed activists that includes all of us, each doing his/her part, is just what we need to rein in global warming. It is more fun, more empowering and more impactful when we all work together. No action is too small to make a difference, and no action is too large to large to tackle—together. So in our own lives, and in advocacy and policy work at all levels of government, let us work with a common commitment, young and old alike, to reduce carbon emissions and to increase hope for a healthier future for all young people—those in our own families and communities now and those yet unborn who will occupy this planet in the years ahead.

“The decisions we make today must lead to a sustainable world SEVEN GENERATIONS into the future.”

The 7th generation spiritual principle of the Iroquois Nation