Reflections on Earth Day, 2022

As we observe Earth Week this week, let us take a moment to reflect on the condition of our planet in Spring, 2022. As trees leaf out, flowers bloom and the sun comes out from behind the clouds, it would be easy to get caught up in thinking that “all is right with the world”. But as beautiful as a spring day can be, we know, in our hearts, that all is not right with the world. As climate change continues to threaten our future and even more worrisome, that of our younger and future generations, we must take the “Triple A Pledge”—to increase our Awareness of what is happening to our planet, to take Action individually and collectively to make a difference in our climate trajectory, and to engage in Advocacy for the involvement of others and for policy changes that will help put us on track for a less threatening future—or even a brighter future! As people of faith, we must believe that a brighter future is possible, but it will not happen without our collective and concerted efforts. So let us come together to increase our awareness of Earth’s tenuous condition, to take actions to make a difference and to advocate for the changes that are urgently needed. Let’s do these things for our planet—and for those who will follow us as its future stewards.

“Our actions create the future”, (as do our inactions)—Jeremy Lent, English/American author and explorer of pathways toward a life-affirming