Climate “Denial-ism” vs. “Doom-ism” vs. “Do-ism”…

Okay, maybe that’s stretching the alliteration just a bit too far, but let us explain.

*There are those who deny that climate change is real. We beg to differ.

*There are those who acknowledge climate change, but who think that things are so far gone that it’s hopeless to try to do anything about it and that humanity is doomed to a dark and dismal future, if not to extinction. Again, we take strong exception to this view.

*And then there are those of us who believe that our climate trajectory is very serious, but that we can mitigate the downward trends in climate health by becoming active— individually, in small groups and collectively—all of us contributing in whatever ways we can to the effort, in ways large and small, on an on-going basis.

This third view is consistent with the perspective of our message a couple of weeks ago: that hope for a “better than feared” future is born of action; that hope is an active process. We act on behalf of the planet because we are hopeful that together, we can make a difference. And we are hopeful because we are (or can be) active (all of us) at working to avoid the worst possible scenarios, at mitigating utter disaster, and even at beginning to heal our atmosphere and this planet that lies beneath it. 

Someday, perhaps sooner than we might think, we will hand our planetary care-taking duties over to our children (and they, in turn, to theirs, our grandchildren) to continue the healing process with a hope that is active and includes all of us, starting now and continuing for generations to come.