“On June 2, 1889, the first sabbath of the month, 23 people gathered in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Eugene to declare their intent, “Providence permitting,” to organize a Congregational Church.”

From Our First Century

On June 2, 2024, we will gather for a luncheon following worship to celebrate our 135th Anniversary. We will also be sharing some of our story in worship services on May 18 and June 9.

In the meantime, please watch your daily all church emails for history highlights. AND, you can help us celebrate by sharing a special/spiritual memory that you have experienced while attending FCC. Fill out the provided form in the narthex and place it in the basket.

Your sharing may be included in a printed collection or serve as part of an anniversary observance during worship. Submissions do not need to be signed. We encourage you to participate in commemorating this special anniversary!