Check out the beginning stage of the new FCC Reflection Garden, located on the northwest section of our church grounds. Things are heating up already, so getting the second big push…and most fulfilling part of the Reflection Garden effort…is coming soon.

Saturday, June 15, rock and the Reflection Bench will have been delivered and will be ready for rough placement. The wheelbarrow brigade needed will involve moving crushed rock and cobblestones into position from the sidewalk. The bench will be unpacked and shuffled into place. We’ll need four stronger backs and four more placer/rakers. Three wheelbarrows and plenty of shovels and steel rakes are needed. No more than an hour of time is needed for the “strong backs” that will be used to move around the rock and Reflection Bench. Strong back folks from outside the Wednesday morning Men’s Group are encouraged. 

Let Lee Kersh know if you can make it in spirit or body!