Early pledge payments continue. We are a third of the way through the year and have received just under half of the pledges. Early pledge payment is appreciated and extremely helpful for balancing the typical slowing of pledge payments in the summer and fall.

In addition to pledged income, FCC receives gifts to support specific activities or facilities; these funds have restricted use. A record of those restrictions are kept by Kim Dorr, our Financial Administrator. The Finance Committee has reviewed the restricted funds and noted that they are being spent appropriately and in a timely fashion. This is a periodic activity of the Finance Committee.

The Committee also noted information gathered by the Green Team from an evaluation of the church’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by EWEB staff. The furnace is nearing the age for replacement. EWEB suggested when the time comes to combine roof replacement and the furnace to realize some economies.

The Committee is working on a formal Finance Policy document for the church. This will facilitate transparency, decision-making and financial communications.

Lest you think that the Finance Committee is always dealing with serious stuff, I leave you with a small observation about the world that we sometimes feel we live in: Why let people drive you crazy when it’s well within walking distance.

Larry Flick, FCC board treasurer